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Mr. Girma Hassen, better known as Girma Oromo, has been serving in different
capacities including but not limited to leading equal social, economic justice, and
environmental justice movements in Minnesota.
Currently, he is coordinating Employment Counseling, Family Coaching, and
Community Outreach Services at Oromo Community of Minnesota (OCM.) He is also
working as a Community Health Worker program Coordinator at Welshare International.
Mr. Girma has earned his BA Degree in International Business Management from
Metropolitan State University, and he is perusing an MBA program at Augsburg
He is also known for participatory problem-solving. De-escalating some contemporary
social challenges and cultural shocks and creating a comfortable environment for
everyone is what he has done well.
Ekklesia Oromia is an organization that gives hope to disabled, helpless, and hopeless
people. I share Ekklesia's mission, and it is an opportunity that enhances my passion,
for enabling disabilities.
When we ignore disabled people consciously, we must realize that we also have some
other forms of disability.