Tsegaye Sombo

Tsegaye Sombo has had two decades of experience in human resource management. Before moving to the United States, Tsegaye worked at the Ethiopian pharmaceutical corporation and served as a project coordinator at the East African holding company in Ethiopia. In his most recent position, Tsegaye worked for the City of Minneapolis Convention Center in different capacities. During his tenure at the convention center, Tsegaye gained trust from the company and received various awards for his dedication and excellent work. Tsegaye is a passionate entrepreneur, previously owning and operating different businesses ranging from financial services, real estate, a grocery store and a local coffee shop in Minneapolis.  Tsegaye is a graduate of Addis Ababa university in-law and received a business entrepreneur certificate from the Neighborhood Development Center and a master certification from the International Institute of Event Management USA. A native of Western Wollega in Oromia, Tsegaye hopes to contribute to his native country by assisting the most vulnerable through the establishment of Ekklesia Oromia. Tsegaye is dedicated to serve his community and assist those in need. Tsegaye is married with two kids.